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Founded in 2003, Unison has purchased over 6,000 leases from individuals just like you – private property owners, commercial property owners, non-profits, and municipalities.

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Unison Values


We do what we say we will do.


We keep it simple.


We deliver superior value.

Who Unison Serves

Private Property Owners

Commercial Property Owners

Non-Profit Organizations

Governments & Municipalities

Unison Business Lines

We buy cellular, billboard, and renewables leases for lump-sum cash payments.

Cellular Towers

Rooftop Cellular Antennae

Billboard Leases

Solar Farms

Wind Farms

Why Unison?


The best in the marketplace.


We close quickly and enthusiastically.


We say yes - terms, structure, and revenue sharing.

Why Sell Your Lease?

We provide you the freedom and access to: grow your business, invest in real property, send your kids to college,
buy a vacation home, fund retirement, tax savings, and whatever you choose.

Our Executive Leadership

Founded in 2003 by our Chairman, Dewey Shay, Unison is led by Harrison Theros and Sue Shin.
We are the most experienced lease experts in the United States.

Harrison Theros

Managing Director, US Operations

Harrison has led the company’s origination team for the last 10 years. Before joining Unison, he was part of the senior management teams at Accredited Home Lenders and AegisFunding. Harrison earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nebraska.

Harrison lives in Denver. His focus is his family and the outdoors.

Sue-Hyung Shin

Managing Director, Legal Affairs

Sue-Hyung has 15 years of experience advising on US and international real estate transactions. He holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center.

He lives in Seattle with his wife, and enjoys backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.

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For Inquiries:

Call 1 (800) 939-9679
Mon-Fri. 8:30am - 8:00pm EST

For Existing Clients and Carriers:

Phone: (212) 909-2537
Email: realestate@unisonsite.com

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