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Wireless Leases

Whether you are a private or commercial property owner, a government entity, or non-profit organization, you want the best value possible from your site ownership. At Unison, we work hard to ensure that you obtain the best possible value from your wireless leases.

Why Unison

As the owner of an independent cell site, the last thing you want is are wireless leases that bring in little money or are in danger of early termination. At Unison, wireless leases are our business and we understand your concerns. This is why over 3,000 cell site owners have chosen Unison to handle their wireless leases since 2003.

Unison does business with and maintains healthy relationships with a multitude of top level wireless carriers. We are the largest independent cell site company in the nation and are able to use our knowledge, size and nationwide network of wireless lease experts to make sure you are paired with the wireless carrier that best benefits your specific situation. We understand the intricacies of local markets, and can offer assistance whether you are looking for a long-term lease, or something quick and lucrative.

Tax Savings

As the owner of an independent cell site, there may be certain tax advantages that you qualify for. At Unison, we stay up to date on tax law and government programs to make sure our customers are getting the best value from their wireless leases. Capital gains treatment, 1031 exchange and return of basis are just some of the avenues we can help you explore when it comes to making your wireless leases more tax efficient. Contact Unison for ideas on how to maximize your bottom line.

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