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Providing the best colocation sites for wireless carriers

Wireless Carriers

Unison has worked with every top wireless operator and their site acquisition specialists in the United States to locate suitable wireless sites with secure colocation space. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, MetroPCS, Clearwire, Cricket, Light Squared, Zayo, and Open Range are some of the wireless operators who have come to Unison sites since 2003.

Why do established and emerging wireless operators and their site acquisition specialists turn to Unison?

  • For personal service: We provide responsive service - built on relationships, trust and meeting expectations. We also offer a fast and streamlined process to complete your lease.
  • To locate antennae sites: Unison helps wireless operators and their affiliated site acquisition specialists locate antennae sites throughout the United States. Our target sites include towers, rooftops, church steeples, water tanks and other structures in urban, suburban and rural areas.

We encourage you to talk with our Site Management and Leasing Team to learn how Unison's size and financial strength can benefit you.

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