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Helping non-profit and religious organizations fulfill their mission

Church Of King"The alternative would be to borrow building improvement funds, the future payment of interest would far outweigh the future value foregone today from the lease."

-David Truly, Elder
Church of the King
Dallas, TX

Animal House Shelter, Inc"The funds from the sale enabled our Animal Shelter to pay off the bulk of our outstanding debts and begin to develop cash flow."

-Lawrence B. Irwin
Animal House Shelter, Inc
Huntley, IL

Congregational Church of the Valley"We are pleased to report our experience was great! Mr. Fouts met with our Board of Trustees several times, explaining the agreement and all of its ramifications and was very courteous and helpful."

-Lyle Schossow, Pastor
Congregational Church of the Valley
Chandler, AZ

Non-Profits & Churches

Many non-profit and church institutions host tower or antennae sites on their property and buildings. The tower or antennae rent is typically derived from a portion of the building or property useful for no other purpose. The monthly rent is a welcome addition to the revenue needed to enable the institution to fulfill its mission in the community. The Unison program offers a way for non-profit and church institutions to capture and protect the current economic value of the cell site while enabling future income potential from upside revenue.

Non-profit and church decision makers who work with Unison are secure in knowing they have received best value for the site, and they look forward to potential future income. Non-profit and church site owners frequently use their initial proceeds to build a new recreational or educational facility or to bridge a budget gap.

Hundreds of non-profit and church institutions across the country have chosen to go with Unison. Their key decision makers appreciate Unison's knowledgeable and experienced cell site lease experts. Unison’s team captures new tenants more effectively than an individual site. We believe in doing business with you in person because it is the right way - person to person. We are experienced in doing business with many important leaders who are part of the decision-making process.

Find out how the Unison Program has helped non-profits and churches.

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