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Helping municipal and government entities serve their communities

Countryside Fire Protection District
"Converting our leases allowed us to use the lump sum payment to purchase fire trucks, ambulances and equipment, a huge benefit to taxpayers."

-Jeff Steingart
Countryside Fire Protection District
Vernon Hills, IL

Powder Springs, GA
"The City experienced professional and timely assistance from all Unison representatives with whom the City encountered."

- Pamela B. Conner
Community Development Director
Powder Springs, GA

Municipal & Government Entities

Many municipalities and government entities host tower or antennae sites on their property and buildings. The tower or antennae rent is typically derived from a portion of the building or property useful for no other purpose. The monthly rent is additive but not significant relative to the entity's overall tax or revenue base. The Unison program offers a way for municipal and government entities to capture and protect the current economic value of the cell site while enabling future income potential from upside revenue opportunities.

Municipal decision makers who work with Unison are secure in knowing they have received the best value for the site, and they look forward to potential future income. Municipal and government site owners frequently use their initial proceeds to build a new recreational or educational facility or to bridge a budget gap.

Hundreds of cities, towns, municipalities and other government entities across the country have chosen to go with Unison. Municipal decision makers appreciate Unison's knowledgeable and experienced cell site lease experts. Unison’s team captures new tenants more effectively than a few individual sites. We believe in doing business in person in your town because it is the right way - person to person. We are experienced in doing business with the many important community members who are part of the municipal decision-making process.

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