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Helping commercial property owners enhance long-term value

Bush Development Group"Working with Unison was the best way to bring tenants to my site. Unison is doing all the work to nearly triple my monthly rental stream on top of the generous lump sum from the first transaction."

-Hank Bush
Bush Development Group
Miami, FL
Commercial Property Owner

1701 Gent Avenue, LLC"At the time of this transaction, we were financially upside down on the property. Your purchase was timely and beneficial in solving this problem."

- Ralph Brandt
1701 Gent Avenue, LLC
Indianapolis, IN
Commercial Property Owner

Commercial Property Owners

Commercial property, whether for office or residential purposes, frequently hosts wireless antennae sites. The antennae income is typically derived from a portion of the building useful for no other purpose. The monthly rent is additive to the rent roll for the building (but not as leveragable or saleable). Commercial property owners who choose the Unison program are comfortable with the Unison program principles of best value, tax efficiency and upside participation.

Commercial property owners who work with Unison are focused on protecting the long-term value of the property itself and dealing appropriately with existing or new lenders. Our program addresses the long-term value opportunity with upside opportunity which can be passed onto subsequent owners. Unison works with site owners and lenders with appropriate care and sensitivity through an experienced local team of site development experts and a national team of legal specialists. Commercial property owners typically reinvest their proceeds in the existing property to enhance its value, pay down debt or invest in other property.

Over 1,000 commercial property owners in major and secondary markets across the country have chosen to go with Unison. Commercial property owners appreciate our knowledgeable and experienced cell site lease experts. Unison's team captures new tenants more effectively than an individual site. Unison does business with you in person directly because it is the right way - person to person. We want to meet you and share our knowledge and strength.

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