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Managing the nation's largest independent network of cell sites

Vizcaya View Plaza Condo Assoc. "We realized the potential risk associated with our site's longevity. The ability to more effectively utilize the lump sum and Unison's ability to market for new tenants was instrumental in our decision."

- Rafael Acevedo
Vizcaya View Plaza Condo Assoc.
Miami, FL
Commercial Property Owner

Protect Cell Site Value

Unison's cell site development professionals understand how market forces can affect cell sites. As the largest independent cell site manager in the country, here are the market forces Unison is watching:

  • Carrier Consolidation: When wireless carriers merge, networks are combined and redundant cell sites are decommissioned. Unison's largest portfolio losses have come from the AT&T/Cingular merger, the Sprint/Nextel combination and from Verizon's acquisition of Alltel.
  • Carrier Rent Reduction Efforts: The wireless carriers are very focused on lowering their real estate costs via "lease optimization" programs. The most vulnerable leases are high-rent sites with attractive escalators, older sites where the long-term impact of escalators has made the site cost-prohibitive or sites in close proximity to substitute locations.
  • Technology Developments: New technologies which affect cell site value are those which expand tower transmission coverage, enable carriers to offload traffic from the traditional "macro" tower-rooftop, or eliminate the need for the "macro" network altogether. Any or all of these can result in carrier network reconfigurations that reduce the need for cell site locations.
  • Lease Terminations: Lease terminations are the result of carrier consolidation, technology advances, or network reconfiguration which make specific sites no longer necessary.

To learn more and for specific examples, visit our Library section in the Resource Center.

Your local Unison site development expert can explain specifically how we can protect the value of your specific cell site.

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