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Managing the nation's largest independent network of cell sites

Clarion Hotel "The lump sum payment allowed us to reinvest in our hotel. Unison truly made this a painless effort on our part."

- Barry Bertley
Clarion Hotel
Jacksonville, FL
Business Enterprise

Create & Capture Opportunity

Unison creates and captures value for our cell site owners through our network of local site development experts.

How we create value for cell site owners:
  • New carrier tenants - We're focused on sharing upside when new carrier tenants add to Unison cell sites.
  • Scale - We are a national company. Scale attracts opportunity.
  • Knowledge - We have purchased over 3,000 sites and shared more than 2000 new rent streams with Unison site owners . We are wireless lease experts. We know what to ask for and what not to expect.
  • Local understanding - We understand local wireless trends and how they affect the local market for cell sites.

How we capture value for cell site owners:

  • Upside- Potential for site owners to participate in new rental income streams.
  • Taxes - Monthly cell site rent is taxed at high ordinary income rates. Unison cell site owners minimize their taxes with the Unison Program.

Your local Unison site development expert can evaluate opportunities to create and capture value for your specific cell site.

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