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Managing the nation's largest independent network of cell sites

Providence Housing Authority "We have to be creative in finding new methods to enhance our revenue. The easement and lease arrangement with Unison was certainly a great opportunity to add revenue to our budget."

- Stephen J. O'Rourke
Providence Housing Authority
Providence, RI

Portfolio Management

The Lease Administration and Property Management team performs the following services for Unison customers:

  • Site Leasing: Unison markets its portfolio of cell sites to wireless carriers through their site acquisition specialists. This protects individual site value and adds rent to the portfolio to reinforce Unison's long-term relationships with our carrier tenants.
  • Lease management: Unison manages site maintenance obligations, access rights, rooftop modifications, consents, lease revisions, lease compliance, co-location issues and taxes for the portfolio.
  • Payment Management: Unison monitors timely and accurate tenant payments. We also perform periodic audits to ensure lease compliance

Unison works to ensure lease compliance for site modifications and approvals, particularly for our rooftop sites.

Click here if you are an existing Unison customer and need to contact the Site Management Department.

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