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Unison's customers aren't shy about telling us how their business or organization has benefited from the Unison Program, or about what they think about our people and services.

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Unite Here
Chicago, IL

Non-profit organization is protected from losing revenue in a volatile industry. 

"Working with Unison is a great way to secure capital in a volatile industry. Not only did we protect ourselves from losing revenue, but we gained additional revenue even after our first carrier went away."

--James Skonicki 

Comm. Prop. Owners

D&E Commercial Property Owner, LLC
Bethel Park, PA

Unison’s experts help liquefy a depreciating asset. 

“Our company realized the inherent value of liquefying a non-guaranteed, depreciating asset, particularly given the industry consolidation and potential for rent reduction or outright site removal.”
--Terri Jo Emma


Estate of Louis and Mary Hencz
Pittsburgh, PA
Peace of Mind

Unison’s legal experts facilitate each closing with individual attention.

“Skip is a true professional whose extensive knowledge of the industry and guidance helped me and my clients realize the value in the lump sum payment. I was equally impressed with the Unison legal department and the special attention they gave to our particular transaction.”
--James N. Perich, Attorney at Law

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