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Unison's customers aren't shy about telling us how their business or organization has benefited from the Unison Program, or about what they think about our people and services.

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Bordentown School District
Bordentown, NJ

Unison’s cash payment allows school districts to plug a gap in the school budget and reduce taxes.  

“The Unison lump sum will be used to support our district theme- ‘P.A.T.H.S’- Parents and Teachers Helping Students. By helping to improve our budget and reduce taxes, the lump sum will also support our core mission of helping all students attain success in a safe, secure and caring environment.”

--Peggy A. Ianoale

Comm. Prop. Owners

Khubani Enterprises
Fairfield, NJ

Unison’s program enables you to restructure loans and investments to meet your company’s needs.

“I am extremely happy that I can now pay off the mortgages on my buildings.  I was paying 7% interest on the properties, and with Unison’s lump-sum payment, I can now forget about my mortgages and concentrate on growing my current business.”

--Victor Khubani


Business Owners

Aldo's Corner Corp.

The Unison upside revenue program enables future rental income from new cellular tenants. 

“Unison offered me a program that allowed me to create revenue from my existing cellular lease as well as the possibility for future rental income from new cellular carrier tenants, developed and managed by Unison.

--Aldo Oliveros


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