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Unison's customers aren't shy about telling us how their business or organization has benefited from the Unison Program, or about what they think about our people and services.

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Site Owner's Words

Business Owners

Gearjammer Truck Plaza
Union Gap, WA

Unison protects site owners from worry over rent reduction and lease termination   

“Before meeting with Unison, I had been beat up by one of our tenants and felt I had no choice but to allow the tenant to reduce my rent or else they would leave. With the Unison lump sum, I no longer had to worry about the tenants threatening me with the rent reduction and termination letter.”

--Chuck Hinckley



Victory Outreach
Portland, OR

The upside revenue program helps ensure ongoing income for non-profit organizations. 

“ Within 6 months of our first transaction a new carrier was added to the roof at nearly ‘Double’ the previous rent received.”


--Pastor Robbin Mayfield


Boys & Girls Club
Venice, CA

Unison provides capital to cell site owners who choose to receive a lump sum payout for their lease.

“Our motivation for moving forward was to use the proceeds to complete the opening of a new Boys & Girls Club thrift shop. Since the sale, we met our goal of opening the thrift shop,  and now our shop generates more revenue than the cell site we sold to Unison.”

 --Armando Diaz


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