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Unison's customers aren't shy about telling us how their business or organization has benefited from the Unison Program, or about what they think about our people and services.

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Congregational Church of the Valley
Chandler, AZ
Peace of Mind

Church decision maker is secure in knowing the church received best value for the site, praises Unison’s representative.

"We are pleased to report our experience was great! Mr. Fouts met with our Board of Trustees several times, explaining the agreement and all of its ramifications and was very courteous and helpful."

--Lyle Showssow, Pastor


Jonathan Lapp
Myerstown, PA

Our tax advisors help clients defer taxes indefinitely through the 1031 Exchange.  

“I ultimately chose to work with Unison after your thorough explanation of the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange tax deferral benefit."


--Jonathan Lapp  


Comm. Prop. Owners

Gintz Group, LLC
Tacoma, WA
Peace of Mind

Negotiations with carrier tenants are conducted efficiently, fairly, and honestly.



“Over that three week period, Unison completed all of the steps necessary to meet our deadline.The attention given by all parties concerned at Unison was truly remarkable. Negotiations were handled in an honest, open and forthright manner."


--Ronald Gintz


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