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Unison's customers aren't shy about telling us how their business or organization has benefited from the Unison Program, or about what they think about our people and services.

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Site Owner's Words

Comm. Prop. Owners

Bush Development Group
Miami, FL

Unison helps commercial property owner participate in new rental income stream.

“Working with Unison was the best way to bring tenants to my site. Unison is doing all the work to nearly triple my monthly rental stream on top of the generous lump sum from the first transaction.”


--Hank Bush


Comm. Prop. Owners

Factory Square Realty
Southington, CT

Unison helps commercial property owner save money on taxes.

"On review, we decided that we liked the opportunity to realize capital gains on a lump sum payment now in lieu of paying ordinary income tax rates in the years ahead."

--Edmund D. Donovan

Business Owners

Five Star Lanes
Sterling Heights, MI
Peace of Mind

Unison’s cash payment relieves business owner from complex loan process.

“With the lump sum I received, I was able to bypass the loan process and move forward with planned improvements to my business.”          


--Larry Moceri, Owner


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