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Regional School District Learns How to Boost Budget without Boosting Taxes

The Bordentown Regional School District, situated in central New Jersey near Trenton, serves 2,500 K-12 students in five schools. Behind the middle school is a cell tower site. In 2007, Unison acquired the cell site and helped Bordentown plug a gap in the school budget.


The cell tower site was generating an annual rental income for the school district. However, the district was concerned that at some point the cell tower could be decommissioned, leaving the school district with no payment at all. “We didn’t want a cell tower that generated nothing but bird nests,” said Peggy Ianoale, school business manager.


Unison approached the Bordentown School District and offered a capital payment. The school board considered the offer and quickly approved the transaction. The entire process was simple, efficient and quick.


Relief for taxpayers

The capital payment was added as revenue to the school budget, which helped defray a school tax increase and fostered good relations with district families.

Elimination of uncertainty

It would have taken the school district many years of collecting rental income to match the payment from Unison. There was no guarantee that the rental income would have continued.

Straightforward negotiations

District representatives noted that Unison was very easy to work with, and they answered all questions honestly and completely.

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