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Texas Congregation Sings the Praises of Unison


The First United Pentecostal Church (UPC) is located in the heart of downtown Odessa, Texas, atop the oil-rich fields that steer the fortunes of the local economy. For Pastor Terry Pugh and his congregation of about 300, the cell tower across the street from its main property had provided a good rental income for the past 13 years. However, Unison’s offer of a one-time capital payment changed Pastor Pugh’s thinking about the true value of its cell site.   




“Having a cell tower installed 13 years ago in the industry’s infancy was pretty lucrative for the tower company,” said Pugh, who along with the church board enjoyed the rental income that supplemented weekly contributions. “But we had no idea as to what our site is worth now.” After speaking with Unison and learning the value of the cell site, the church’s board decided to let Unison acquire the site.   




Unison’s capital payment permitted First UPC to do things on their wish list. Pastor Pugh put half the payment into savings and the other half into much-needed renovations on his sturdy but aging 25-year-old church. The Unison program also offers a way for the church to capture and protect the current economic value of the cell site while enabling future income potential from upside revenue.




·     Capital improvements—First UPC used a portion of their payment for installing new flooring, updating bathrooms and overhauling the platform area of the church. “Working with Unison was pleasant because I never felt pressured, which was key for me.  And since we won’t have to borrow money or raise funds, we’ll be able to get to where we’re going a little quicker” said Pastor Pugh.


·     Peace of mind—Devoting a portion of the capital payment to savings will allow the church to maintain its ministry in the event of future economic uncertainty. In addition, church decision makers are secure in knowing they have received best value for the site, and they look forward to potential future income.


·     Expert assistance—Pastor Pugh said Unison’s representative “bent over backwards for us” and was very patient in working with church volunteers.





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