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Dairy Farmer Sees a Brighter Future, Thanks to Unison


Established nearly 60 years ago, Wildermuth Farms is a family-owned enterprise situated in the lush, green countryside of southeastern Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County near Gilbertsville. Roland Wildermuth, the original owner, still farms the property, milks cows, makes hay and plants crops. The cell site he hosts on the dairy farm is located about 400 feet from Smith Road, which brings you to Wildermuth’s front door.    




Wildermuth remembers when the farm was much bigger. He had tractors worth $250,000 and straw choppers worth $130,000. In recent years, however, portions of the land have been sold to some unlikely new neighbors — rows and rows of condominiums. He admits that running a farm takes money. “There are great big taxes, insurance, my living expenses and everything,” said Wildermuth. The financial challenges are enormous.       




How could the retired farmer face these financial challenges and still recover some of his investment in equipment and buildings? A local Unison wireless lease expert provided a solution — the Unison Program. The Unison representative spent time with Wildermuth explaining the current lease, the site’s upside revenue potential and the tradeoffs, given his financial goals. Unison’s offer to pay a substantial sum to Wildermuth to acquire the cell site and lease the land was a good fit. The savvy businessman saw an opportunity to relieve his economic situation while simultaneously protecting the economic value of the cell site. “Receiving Unison’s check made my life a little brighter,” he said. 



·     Injection of capital—Wildermuth used Unison’s cash payment to pay off bills, pay taxes and some of his debts.  "Receiving Unison’s check made my life a little brighter. I could pay off my bills, pay taxes and some of my debts” said Wildermuth.


·     New rental income stream—In addition to the capital payment, Wildermuth also receives monthly income from Unison, thanks to the rental agreement Unison was able to make with T-Mobile, the new wireless tenant. 


·     Peace of mind—Wildermuth is secure in knowing he received the best value for the site and is grateful for the additional income. “I’d gladly consider putting up another tower,” he said. 


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