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Texas Company Sees Opportunity in Unison’s Revenue Sharing Program

B-Line Filter & Supply, Inc. is located in Odessa, TX, one of the country’s largest oil and gas-producing regions. In one corner of the three-acre property, behind the company’s store and warehouse, is a single cell tower on a site that B-Line leased to a wireless carrier about ten years ago. Unison acquired the site in 2010 and offered B-Line the opportunity to share in any potential future income.


The fortunes of the west Texas oil and gas industry—and of B-Line Filter & Supply in particular—rise and fall with the changing price of oil. Having a steady monthly revenue stream from renting its cell tower site has been beneficial to the company. However, Craig Freeman, company treasurer, said the original lease was under market value, considering the heavy use of the cell tower. “We wanted a better financial return on the site, and we had rejected a number of proposals until Unison came along,” Freeman said.


Unison approached B-Line and offered a one-time payment to take over the lease. In addition, if any new rental income is generated from the additional ground space through the addition of new carrier equipment, B-Line and Unison Site Management will split the income.



Operating expense contribution

Unison’s cash payment was added to the company’s general fund and used for operating expenses.

Potential future income

B-Line Filter & Supply will share any future rental income that the additional ground space generates from equipment added to the site.

Maximized value of investment

Freeman said that when the time comes to negotiate future leases on the cell tower, having experts from Unison who understand the market value of the site will help maximize B-Line’s potential income.

Straightforward transaction

According to Freeman, Unison did exactly what they said they would do. Negotiations were easy, timely and straightforward.

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