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Leading the cell site management industry

Management Team

Since its founding in 2003, Unison has been an independent company not affiliated with any one wireless carrier or tower operator. Our founders are experienced executives from the telecommunications, real estate and financial services industries. Their combined talents have made Unison the leader in cell site management. The entire Unison management team looks forward to making your experience a satisfying, productive and profitable one.

Dewey Shay - Chief Executive OfficerDewey Shay

Dewey Shay has been CEO of Unison since founding the company. Dewey's vision has enabled Unison to become the industry leader, helping thousands of site owners maximize ... more

James Holmes - Chief Counsel and Chief Investment Officer

James Holmes

As a Unison founder, Jim has overseen the closing of over 3,000 transactions and manages the underwriting and deal-closing processes at Unison. He provides the company with strategic guidance and unique insight into the wireless industry and serves as Chief Counsel... more

Jorge Pedraza - Managing Director

Jorge Pedraza

Jorge is a Unison founder and manages half the Unison origination team. He has helped shape a Unison culture stressing focus, organization and accountability. Prior to joining Unison, Jorge held senior positions at new media firms... more

Neil Notkin - Managing Director

Neil Notkin

Neil serves as a leader of Unison's nationwide sales organization. Since joining Unison in 2008, he has helped mold and shape Unison's team of site development professionals, ... more

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