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Helping cell site owners capture opportunity

Factory Square Realty, LLC"On review, we decided that we liked the opportunity to realize capital gains on a lump sum payment now in lieu of paying ordinary income tax rates in the years ahead. The decision just seemed logical, particularly based on the political outlook concerning taxes in the future."

- Edmund D. Donovan
Factory Square Realty, LLC
Southington, CT
Commercial Property Owner

Tax Savings

  • Capital gains treatment: Monthly rent is taxed at high ordinary income tax rates. The initial Unison proceeds may qualify for favorable capital gains tax treatment. Site owners who pay high taxes prefer the Unison program.
  • Return of basis: The initial Unison proceeds may be treated for tax purposes as return of basis and therefore not subject to tax. Site owners should check the tax basis of their cell site with their tax advisor to determine whether the proceeds qualify as return of basis.
  • 1031 exchange: The initial Unison proceeds can qualify for tax deferral if properly structured and executed according to section 1031 provisions of the U.S. Tax Code.

The Unison program is designed to be tax efficient because it's the bottom line that really counts. Explore with Unison how to maximize your bottom line. Of course, you need to work with your tax advisor on all tax-related matters as we do not offer personal tax advice.

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