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Cellular Tower Rental Rates Consulting

Unison’s team of expert wireless lease consultants and financial advisors can help you make the most of your cellular tower rental rates. Working directly with wireless carriers can often leave the towers’ landlords in precarious positions, taking on losses due to fine print fixtures. While up-front incentives may be enticing, the wireless carriers would rather save money in the long run by offering low-percentage periodic performance bonuses than agree to lease terms which would be more fiscally beneficial to the tower landlord over the same amount of time. Unison helps the lease holder with these issues, ensuring long-lasting and value-protected relationships between cellular tower renters and rentees.

Scouring the Small Details

Let Unison be the liaison between you and your tenants. Our market professionals in your area are constantly tracking local trends and watching each region’s performance. As cellular tower rental rates vary from state to state, and from wireless carrier to carrier, combing through the fine print is what can separate an seemingly great deal from a maximally-beneficial lease agreement for the renter. Even rental increases as small as one percent can, over time, mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Analyzing the fine print and restructuring rental rates to benefit the cellular tower leaser, thereby securing lasting value and protecting against loss due to contractually binding subversive mathematics, is one of the crucial elements of Unison’s program.

On Your Terms

Unison is not obligated to any one wireless carrier. We negotiate cellular tower rental rates across all major and regional wireless carriers. We do this in order to keep the market competitive and to provide more earning potential and opportunities across the telecommunications landscape. Unison’s lease experts work primarily for individual leaseholders, ensuring that the terms of each cellular tower rental lease retains its value and flourishes on your terms.

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