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Cellular Tower Lease Buyout Consultants and Services

Whether you’re a cell tower owner looking to expand your financial portfolio by acquiring more towers, explore new lease options, or you’re thinking about optioning your tower up for sale, Unison’s cellular tower lease buyout consultants can help you protect and secure your investment.


Expanded coverage equals more opportunities. Buying out other leases and towers in your area, or even outside your immediate region, maximizes your earning potential and revenue flow. More towers and more contracts allow you to help your community stay connected while turning noticeable profits from being part of the backbone of the communications market.

Our cellular tower lease buyout consultants are a part of the nation’s largest network of market observers and wireless lease specialists. We pool our industry-leading expertise and our unparalleled resources to provide up-to-date lease buyout consulting for each local market. Unison explores all of the options in the area to find wireless leases, which are for sale, and assesses how buying them out could be beneficial to you.


Unison can help negotiate new contracts with wireless carriers to make the most of your cellular tower(s). It’s imperative to explore all lease options and bids from these carriers. If you’re carrying one specific wireless company on your tower, another may offer you a higher price for lease space. Conversely, if you have several leases to different companies you may think about consolidating to just one contract, effectively getting more from one company. Unison’s cellular tower lease buyout consultants can advise you on how, when, and why these could be fantastic opportunities.


If you’re looking to sell your cellular tower, the tower site could be prime real estate and reach top dollars for its market vitality. Our cellular lease buyout consultants are constantly shopping for potential sales and great deals. Unison’s network of media experts and financial advisors can help you cap your investment in cellular tower technologies on a high note.

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