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Cellular Site Management Consultants

Owning an independent cell site can provide a safe, steady stream of income as long as there is a carrier paying money to use that site. Finding a tenant can be tricky, but with Unison as your cellular site management company, we can help take some of the hard work out of cellular site ownership.

Managing Your Cellular Site

While you have the option to take on the responsibilities of managing your own site, it is a task that is extremely time consuming. At Unison, we are experts in the wireless lease industry and work with many major wireless carriers. We are a national company that manages over 3,000 cellular sites, and we use our expertise and national network to make sure that you are getting the best cellular site management available. Plus, our knowledge and understanding of local areas and wireless trends ensures that we can connect the right tenants with the right towers in any market.

Protecting Your Site

Unison is the largest independent cellular site management company in the country for a reason. We make sure we stay up to date on technology and other market forces that can have a negative effect on your cell site. In order to protect our network of sites, we constantly monitor factors such as carrier rent reduction efforts, which can lower the income you receive from your site, and carrier consolidation and new developments in technology, which can lead to lease terminations.

Other Services

In addition to managing your site, Unison can also handle your lease and payment management needs. If you have questions about our cellular site management services, please fill out our online contact form or call us at 1-800-939-9679.

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