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Cell Tower Lease Rates and Services

Cell tower lease rates can be difficult to understand, which is why many cell site owners choose to have a cell site management company by their side. Unison is the leading independent cell site management company in the nation, and has worked with over 3,000 site owners since 2003. Our approach is unique. First, we create and capture value for site owners. Not only do we watch the market trends, but also help market to new carriers and have experience managing a network of over 4,000 wireless leases.

At Unison, we recognize that wireless trends are always evolving and can affect cell sites at any time. In order to protect your investment and ensure that you get the most out of your asset, a cell site management company is a vital necessity. Unison can manage your lease and make sure that the terms are accurate and that payment is received each month in a timely manner. And, since we study the wireless trends, we can keep your cell site current and reduce the chance that the lease will be terminated.

Lease termination is a worry in this ever-changing market, as wireless trends continue to change and wireless companies are merging together. Fortunately, we are aware of these changes and continue to develop new strategies to ensure that our cell site owners are kept informed. If you’re interested in learning more about how we handle cell tower lease rates, we’ll be happy to meet with you and provide all the information you need.

An on-site assessment is how we handle first encounters, as we believe that face-to-face interactions are best. One of our local experts will come to your area and discuss the current cell tower lease rates. There’s no risk involved and in most cases, our clients reach out to us when they want to maximize the value of their cell site.

Unison members also enjoy other perks, such as saving money on taxes and having their cell sites be added to a portfolio. Unison representatives strive to build mutually rewarding relationships with our cell site owners, which include businesses, families, government entities and non-profit organizations. If you want to uncover what the lease rates for cell tower sites are in your area, contact Unison today.

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