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Cell Tower Lease Buyout

A cell tower lease buyout is an extremely economical and efficient way to ensure investment value. As opposed to all of the upkeep and general maintenance involved in tower ownership, buying out lease space allows the investor to own the most vital part of the wireless tower's true financial gold. Wireless companies continuously compete for market dominance. Often, they're not actually vying for the tower itself. They're after its storage space, and the space in which to emit a signal, which is optioned as lease parcels. Owning a parcel, or numerous leases, engages the investor in the rapidly advancing market without the hassle of actual site ownership.

Lease Consulting Services

Being the nationwide leader in cell tower lease buyout and wireless lease management sets Unison apart from all other companies in the field. Our team of expert market analysts and professional financial consultants combine to provide cutting edge assessments of lease performance and compliance, and how it affects your overall wireless lease portfolio. If there are new companies entering your market, Unison can evaluate their market potential and advise you about optioning your lease space to the new company. Similarly, we work with all cellular providers to make your lease space available to the highest bidder, keeping the market buoyant and investors in the game.

Lease Management Services

When you buyout a cell tower lease through Unison, we take diligent care of your investment. We provide the latest in technological maintenance, always up to industry standards, and often exceeding it. Our cell tower lease experts also keep the wireless carriers punctual, making sure all rent payments are made on time and in full.

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To find out how you can get invested in the ever-expanding wireless technology market, through a minimal initial effort, contact Unison about options for a cell tower lease buyout.

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