Cell Towers and Financing Real Estate Purchases

A Site Development Officer in the Northeast Region

A real estate developer who specializes in buying, restoring and renting or selling buildings in a large East Coast city contacted us for help financing a new property purchase. Though they had been in business many years and had excellent credit, today’s tough loan market was creating real headaches. When the company tried to close on an historical structure in the center of town, even with state grants and a traditional loan, they faced a financing gap. While doing detailed inspection of the structure, our client noticed cell equipment on the roof. That got him thinking…

 We were able to help him right away and into the future.  With a lump sum payout for their current lease, we helped our client close the financing gap. We also were able to structure a revenue sharing program on future tenants. That revenue will help this contractor self-finance many of the planned improvements, saving him the cost of a traditional building loan and the red tape of applying for state grants.

 If you see cell company tenants on any property you are considering buying, be sure to get all the facts from a neutral third party. In addition to the seller over-valuing or undervaluing leases, there may be other issues—and opportunities—they are overlooking.

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