Sprint Nextel Decommissioning—Time To Worry or Sit Tight?

Neil Notkin is Unison’s Managing Director

If you have seen the headlines about Sprint’s plans to remove a third of its existing 66,000 cell tower sites, you might wonder: Is it time to panic?

Not so fast, says Unison CEO Dewey Shay: “Sprint can’t possibly decommission 20,000 Nextel antennae overnight.”

Most analysts agree with Dewey. UBS says, “We believe this is an aggressive target and don’t expect much near-term impact for the tower operators due to their long-term contracts.”

While lower near-term impact is a relief, the delay does not change the inevitable. Dewey adds, “No one questions that the old Nextel network is going away. This is the biggest prospective decommissioning effort since the AT&T and Cingular merger.”

We recommend you use this time to make an accurate assessment of your particular situation. The key things to consider are:

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3 Responses to Sprint Nextel Decommissioning—Time To Worry or Sit Tight?

  1. Mark Prussian says:

    I have a tower with two seperate Sprint contracts but no others. This is convenient, accessible and in a highly populated area. How can I get AT&T to take notice of my site?

    • Unison says:

      Hi Mark,

      Individual site owners are somewhat at a disadvantage when seeking to attract new carriers to their site because their exposure is limited. However, sites in the Unison portfolio are at a greater advantage because there are more sites to select from and the exposure is much greater. If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, then we can arrange to set up a site assessment with one of our Site Development Officers in your area.

  2. Ryan Hass says:


    I work for a company in Iowa and we buy and sell a lot of surplus telecom equipment. Will they be transferring the existing equipment to new sites, or will they be selling the equipment they decommission? Shelters to be more specific. Thanks!

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