A Brief Word From the CEO…

I attended CTIA in Las Vegas in late May. What struck me was the de-emphasis on macro sites and tower-based infrastructure in the agenda and (much) heavier focus on small cell sites. Small site infrastructure means both DAS and simply small sites – what I used to call patch antennae on the side of buildings to provide local coverage of streets and parking lots. The carriers and towerco’s view small sites as both additive to current coverage schemes and replacements in some cases for large, expensive macro sites designed to cover broader geographic areas. 50% of the CTIA infrastructure conference agenda was focused on small sites and this emphasis will continue. We see an opportunity in the future as AT&T mentioned in a recent press release they expect to deploy 40,000 small cell sites in 2013 to supplement/replace existing coverage. – Dewey K. Shay, CEO

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