A Brief Word From the CEO…

There are several key events that have happened recently in the wireless industry but the biggest is Softbank’s investment in Sprint and T-Mobile’s backdoor IPO through MetroPCS.

Both events will mean network consolidation.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS will now have overlapping networks in many markets therefore the result will be a merged network. Why have 2 networks when only one is necessary? Of course, consolidation will not happen overnight but you can be sure that T-Mobile and Metro will not both have free-standing 4G LTE networks in 2 years.

Sprint’s new cash infusion from Softbank will hasten the Network Vision project and accelerate the decommissioning of the Nextel network which is now in full swing. Probably more important is that the new Network Vision architecture will enable network sharing arrangements among carriers – my bet is with T-Mobile. – Dewey K. Shay, CEO.

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